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PREP by Anthony Hawkins 10

Anthony Hawkins is a professional mentalist, magician, and card and palm reader. Here he presents a pre-reading method that comes straight from his real world repertoire! PREP (Pre-Reading Peek) is a great way to add extra value to any reading, while also giving the reader a 'heads up' and valuable information about the person they are reading for!

By asking the sitter to undertake a simple exercise (essentially a quick drawing), the sitter is immediately engaged and intrigued, while also helping the reader to gauge the sitter and learn essential bits of information about them. This technique also gives guests at corporate events, restaurants etc., something to share, look at, and discuss at their table, thereby giving extra value to clients and customers.

This 16 page PDF contains printable cards to hand out to sitters and clients, while Anthony also explains how the idea came about and his real world experiences.

Tp purchase this PDF, please use the PayPal button below. We endeavour to email out all orders within an hour, however as this task is undertaken by a human rather than a machine, please allow up to 24 hours.

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