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Practical Intuition for Mystery Performers £30

This second collaboration between Cathy Shadows and Paul Voodini takes their work to a new level. Concentrating on the practical application of intuition for the mentalist and the mystery performer, this 30+ page PDF is full to bursting with routines, excercises, and ideas. Is intuition a tool that can be utilised by mind-readers? This PDF very definitely thinks so - and even if you aren't sure if you actually believe in intuition, Paul Voodini and Cathy demonstrate how that doesn't actually matter! This is practical intuition, tools that will prove invaluable to all magical performers, both professional and enthusiast.

Included in this PDF are the following ideas and routines:

Lose the Fear (or How to Walk Like a PIMP) - how to lose the fear of working without props or the traditional tools of mentalism.
Baby You Can Drive My Car - a routine to help you develop your intuition.
You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog - another routine to help you develop.
Psychic Cup & Balls - use your cup and balls in a way they weren't designed for!
Your Jump Point - the main crux of the book, this routine outlines in depth how to actually tap into and use your intuition as a tool for entertainment and performance.
Three Questions - a full stage or parlour routine utilising the Jump Point concept of accessing your intuition.
The Ungimmicked Book Test - a book test that utilises the Jump Point concept. It's about to become your favourite book test!
Candle Gazing - develop your intuition and learn to trust it implicitly!
Blind Man's Tarot - a novel and fascinating way to provide tarot card readings.
Your Own Internal Alarm Clock - a 'just for fun' way to develop your intuition.
Reserve Your Parking Space! - another 'just for fun' way to develop your intuition.

Cathy Shadows: PIMP represents what is probably the last Cathy Shadows publication, so don't miss out. This 30+ page PDF is fascinating, fun, and above all practical. It's a well-worn phrase, but this probably is as close as it's possible to get to real mind-reading.

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