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Finally, Paul Voodini's 'Palm Reading for Magicians' video is available once again! Originally released in 2012 as a 2 DVD set, this video has long been unavailable. Now at last it is available as an mp4 video download!

This 2 hour long video is full of tips, tricks, and techniques that will give you all the information you need to go out and start performing palm reading both professionally and just for fun! Not only that, but Paul also teaches how to combine palm readings with close-up magic and mentalism to give added resonance and meaning to your routines.

Introduced by Luke Jermay (and with a cameo from magician Wayne Fox), this is a professionally produced video, packed full with information, routines, and real-life performances.

When working at wedding receptions, corporate events, and dinner parties, why is it that Paul Voodini always has crowds of spectators around him? Why is it that long after the "regular" magicians have packed away their sponge balls and gone home, the events organisers are stuffing money into Paul's hands and begging him to stay for another hour or two? The answer is simple - palm reading! 

Quoted as, "He's so much more than just a magician!" - After watching this video, they'll be saying the same about you too.

When you purchase this mp4 download, you will also receive Paul's 'Magician's Guide to Palm Reading' PDF free of charge, as an aid to your learning and as a 'handy' (ho ho) guide.

To purchase this download, please use the PayPal button below. Please note that we aim to email out the download link within an hour. However as this task is performed by a human rather than a machine, please allow up to 24 hours. This is a 2 hour 3gb video and may take around 10 minutes to download, depending on your internet speed.


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