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The Christmas Moon
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   'Necromantic Rites: a Book of Seance & the Paranormal for the Mystery Entertainer' will be released Christmas week of 2018 (a most auspicious time of the year for such matters!), but for a short period is available at a special pre-order price. Upon release this all-new manuscript from Paul Voodini will, in an attempt to deter the more casual dabbler, retail at 40. However you may now pre-order at the special price of 25.

This manuscript, in PDF format, will contain the following routines, presentations, and concepts:

The Resurrectionist Seance - based upon the infamous crimes of Burke & Hare, this is a full evening's seance presentation. Worth the price of the manuscript alone!
Buried Alive! - a terrifying ordeal is turned into an entertaining (if dark!) experience!
Vinegar Tom - Elizabeth Clarke was the first person accused of witchcraft by Matthew Hopkins in 1645. Vinegar Tom was her 'familiar'. Let us attempt communication with the creature...!
Gemini Twins - an all-new and totally original technique for establishing spirit communication with pendulums! Genuinely ground-breaking!
The Book of Revelations - beyond a mere book test, this is a form of divination using the most feared book in the Bible!
Bring Out Your Dead - a new and original technique in the realm of spirit bells!
...and more!

"And the child takes one more step on the road to Perdition...!"

This is not a manuscript for everyone! This is dark mentalism and bizarre magick for those who tread a more shadowy path! To pre-order this manuscript at the special pre-order price, please use the PayPal button below. You will receive, within 24 hours, an email acknowledging your pre-order.

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