London Workshop
London Workshop

The Paul Voodini Readings & Seance Masterclass

Date: Saturday, August 10th

Time: 10am – 4pm

Where: Private Georgian residence close to London's South Bank (full address provided upon booking)

Paul Voodini presents a very special readings and séance workshop and masterclass, taking place in a delightful Georgian residence, close to London's South Bank and both Waterloo train and tube stations (full address details provided upon booking).

The day begins at 10am when Paul will delve into the mysteries of Tarot card and palm reading, explaining how and why they work, his reading techniques, and knowledge from a lifetime of experience as a professional reader. There will be opportunities for attendees to hone their reading skills, practice on each other, and ask Paul any questions they might have. The final part of the morning will be dedicated to the art of psychometry, and Paul's secret techniques for making an emotional connection with the volunteer.

Lunch will (weather permitting) be taken at a local food fair which is highly recommended. There is food available from around the world, from gourmet burgers to curries. Obviously the price of food is not included in the cost of attending the masterclass, and you are free to make your own arrangements.

Following lunch, the subject matter will move on from psychometry to giving a volunteer the gift of clairvoyance and mediumship. The techniques taught in psychometry dovetail perfectly into the clairvoyance section. The method of employing 'haunted' artefacts as keys to unlock the mind's ability to communicate with spirits will also be demonstrated and explained.

Following this, we will descend into the bowels of the venue and engage in a séance in the dark. The venue has a cellar that grants absolute pitch darkness, which is ideal for séance work. You will see methods discussed earlier in the day come into play during the séance, and also experience for yourself how the mind and the body react when placed in a séance scenario and we call out to spirits to make themselves known! Who knows who, or what, will answer!

This workshop will touch upon subjects covered in Paul's PDFs 'Midnight Side of the Mind', 'The Paranormal Entertainer', and 'Affinity'. As such, you will receive these three PDFs free of charge upon booking. The PDFs alone have a value of £136, making attending this workshop a sound financial investment.

The cost of the workshop is £120 per person, and numbers are limited to just ten attendees. To purchase ticket(s), please use the PayPal button below. You will receive full email confirmation within 24 hours, which will also contain your free PDFs.

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