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With a price of £9.99 (yes, that's an inverted 666!), this 24 page PDF contains a collection of 4 brand new routines. Routines that are proud to have their feet planted very firmly in the world of Bizarre Magick! Utilising the most common and simple props (a thumb tip for example and a magic colouring book - not to mention a frying pan!), these routines will take your audience on a genuinely freaky journey. There are no half measures here - these routines are designed to actually spook an audience!

The routines feature at their core common, everyday items such as a watch, a sachet of salt, a child's colouring book and yes, a frying pan. The reasoning behind this is that it is when the mundane and the ordinary become infected with the supernatural that an audience will begin to get genuinely affected by your performance.

The routines included are:

TIME AT LAST. Traumatic events cause a nurse's watch to house an unhappy spirit.
OUT OF THE FRYING PAN. Like a bad joke gone wrong, an unusual murder weapon continues to exhibit homicidal tendencies.
DHAMPIRE. After a lifetime in the service of his dark masters, a Dhampire demonstrates just exactly what it is that makes him different from both Human and Vampire.
THE COLOURING-IN BOOKS. A proud father finds out that his daughter's newly acquired artistic skills come from a very dark place. Time to call in the local vicar!

If spooky magic and the bizarre is your style, you will find much her to interest and excite! All magical elements are practically self-working, allowing the performer to concentrate on presentation and atmosphere.

Bizarre magician Lee Enfield had this to say about A Lightning Rod to the Spirits:

"This. Was. Awesome. Great, simple routines. Great stories. And all ready to perform with the minimum of practice. What more could a Bizarrist ask? As much as I love your 'ungaffed' work, I would love to see you do more stuff like this!"


To order, please use the PayPal button below. Please note that we endeavour to dispatch all orders within an hour, however as each PDF is emailed by a human rather than a machine please allow up to 24 hours.

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