Forthcoming Paul Voodini Lecture -

Victorian Seance, the Birth of Mentalism, and My Own Journey into the Magical Realms!

When: Friday 28th February 7pm – 8.45pm

Where: Calder Bookshop & Theatre, 51 The Cut, London. SE1 8LF

Price: £20 per ticket (purchase tickets at bottom of page)

Paul Voodini has been immersed in the realms of the psychic, the clairvoyant, and the magician for most of his adult life. He led his first séance in his early 20s and would go on to work as a professional ghost hunter, séance host, and Tarot card reader. For much of his career in the esoteric world, Paul also worked in parallel in the world of the performance magician, first as a children's entertainer and later as a stage 'mentalist', reading minds as a form of entertainment. Paul's first publication, 'The Paranormal Entertainer', was released in 2008, teaching magical performers how to run their own evenings of séance and ghost hunting, and was based on Paul's own professional work in these fields. Few individuals have as much experience of traversing the worlds of both the esoteric and the trickster as Paul.

Now, in 2020, Paul presents an all-new lecture, aimed at everyone with an interest in these areas – magicians, psychics, and the downright curious! This lecture combines elements from his 2017 publication 'Victorian Seance & the Birth of Mentalism' along with anecdotes and stories from his own experiences as a practitioner of the 'mystical arts.' Paul will recount the history of Victorian Spiritualism, the characters involved in its development throughout the 19th and early 20th Centuries, the 'tricks of the trade' employed by the many charlatans and frauds involved in early Spiritualism, and how these subterfuges inspired the branch of magic known as 'mentalism.' Paul juxtaposes these tales alongside tales of his own, ensuring that this is a most engaging, entertaining, and informative lecture!

Expect to hear about such icons of Spiritualism as the Fox Sisters, Daniel Dunglas Home, and Florence Cook, as well as those who managed to walk both sides of the magic/Spiritualist divide such as the Davenport Brothers and Anna Eva Fay. What actually happened at a Spiritualist evening of séance in the 1800s? What tools were utilised? What trickery, if any, were employed? Paul will show and demonstrate many items from his own collection, including spirit trumpet, chalk boards, and medium's rope escape.

Expect to hear about the naked séance that Paul found himself involved in, how the strongest reaction to the paranormal he has ever witnessed came as he performed magic for sick children in a hospital, and how his own experience with a ghostly 'woman in white' led him on the path to the domain of the esoteric and the psychic!

A highly experienced public speaker, having lectured for magical and esoteric clubs and societies around Europe and the USA, Paul's new lecture is guaranteed to educate, amuse, and enthral!

The lecture will take place in the small theatre located within the Calder Bookshop in South East London, a perfect location for such a magical evening!

To purchase tickets, please use the PayPal button below. Tickets are priced at £20 per person, and the drop down menu allows you to choose multiple tickets if required. Once you have purchased tickets, you will receive a confirmation email from Paul within 24 hours. Any issues using this button, please email Paul at sheffieldmagic@hotmail.co.uk

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