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Spooky Stories For the Haunted Key!

Paul Voodini presents five perfectly frightful presentations for the haunted key! Stories to chill the blood, prick at the conscience, and send shivers down the spine, all eloquently scripted in the inimitable Voodini style!

Contained within this 5000+ word PDF are presentations for ornate haunted keys, and presentations for the more common 'ordinary looking' haunted key. These are stories you will take delight in telling, and your audiences will be mesmerised and terrified in equal measure!

If you have a haunted key that is currently unused, or if you want some truly novel and inspiring presentations for your haunted key, then this manuscript is for you!

Routines contained are:

The Key to the Door a student house in 1986, a pair of star-crossed lovers, a locked door, and a hang-over. What could possibly go wrong?

What Grandma Keeps in the Cellar just where did Grandad go? And why does the key to the cellar rattle so?

The Tell-Tale Key keep the heart of your enemy in a silver jewellery box by the side of your bed, and you deserve all that you get!

The Jailer's Curse he tried to be a kind and understanding jailer, but where did that get him? Murdered, that's where!

The Good Fairy Byzantium a dark and foreboding fairy tale! An evil witch imprisons an innocent princess, but here comes a good fairy to set things right! (previously available in Coffee Break Mental Magic #1 and Key Mysteries by Steve Drury)

To purchase this PDF for 10, please use the PayPal button below. We endeavour to email out all orders within an hour, however as this task is completed by a human rather than a machine, please allow up to 24 hours.

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