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Brand new mentalism from a brand new voice on the mentalism scene! As well as working as a mentalist, Dan also runs Zurich's famous ghost walk company. An Englishman now living in with his wife and children in Switzerland, Dan brings new and refreshing ideas to the mentalist field!
Dan currently has two PDF offerings available, which are also available as a bundle offer further down the page.
The Couvert Peek - £7.50


The Couvert Peek (pronounced Coo-ver) is a simple, deceptive and completely gimmick free Drawing Duplication effect, perfect for Close-Up and Walk-Around environments. It uses only one card (business card or plain billet), one small envelope and a pen, and offers a peek of half the inside of the folded card.

A drawing is made by the spectator on the inside of a folded card. They initial a small envelope, which the performer then places the card inside. The performer proceeds to duplicate the spectator’s drawing actually on the envelope itself. The card and envelope are given away to the spectator as a souvenir.

All aspects and ‘moves’ of the routine are motivated perfectly, and elements of scripting and psychology are highlighted.

The PDF contain a video link featuring the ‘move’ itself. The video is to show the correct timing and rhythm of the move itself, and isn’t intended as a full tutorial of the Couvert Peek.

Reviews for Dan's Couvert Peek:

'Dan was very kind to send me his idea. This is a very nice and bold move that will allow you to duplicate any thought without expensive apparatus, well done my friend!' - Luca Volpe

'Dan has created something very beautiful with this routine, not only is the peek easy to do, it is also extremely deceptive. Dan has impressed me in the past with his thinking and each time his ideas get better and better. If you're looking for a peek so clean you can do it naked and with a participant burning your every move, this is it.' - Art Vanderlay

'Very nice, I like it, direct and simple to do.' - Scott Creasey

To purchase this 15 page PDF (which also contains a link to the short instructional video) please use the PayPal button below. This PDF is also available as part of a bundle - please see further down the page for bundle details. Although we strive to email out each PDF within an hour (and usually much quicker), please be aware that each order is sent out by a human rather than a machine, so please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.



Cubacle - £11

Cubacle adds a fresh twist to an old oracle, creating a unique reading system!

Imagine, you invite a spectator to mix up a Rubik’s Cube. They then place it back on your outstretched hand and you proceed to deliver a psychic reading using the coloured squares and their respective positions on the faces. Tarot type ‘Past, present & future’ readings work perfectly with the system. Questions about the three usual areas of interest; Health, Wealth and Love can all be answered in the reading (these are explained in the ebook for those who are unfamiliar with these terms).

..but why another reading system?

Dan says: "I love traditional oracles; Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology, etc., and use them regularly in ‘entertainment’ environments, but I also enjoy more quirky, unusual methods of fortune telling. And Cubacle is certainly that. It offers the psychic performer/ reader a method of delivering both short and more extended readings with a completely self contained prop. It is perfect for strolling environments as it is performed entirely ‘in the hands’; no loose pieces for the spectator to drop, no awkward shuffling, no extra paraphernalia to accidentally leave at the last table or group. Also, prospective clients/ bookers and spectators might be wary of the ‘Occult’ reputation which some other reading systems may have. A Rubik’s Cube doesn’t suffer from this because it is, after all, about as sinister looking as a multi coloured Magic 8 Ball."

What the Pros are saying about Cubacle:

Congratulations! Cubacle is a wonderful oracle system, and I can't wait to try it’ - Richard Webster

Dan has taken something that has been done to death and breathed a fresh, new life into it. With Cubacle you will be able to give very accurate and entertaining readings in a way that has never been done Before. Time to dig out my discarded cube and start using it for a change!’. - Art Vanderlay


To purchase this PDF, please use the PayPal button below. This PDF can also be purchased as part of a bundle deal - please see further down the page for details. Please note that we endeavour to email out each PDF within an hour (usually faster) but as each order is sent out by a human rather than a machine, please allow up to 24 hours.


Special Bundle Offer
Both of Dan's PDFs - Couvert Peak and Cubicle - are available for a limited time as a reduced price bundle. The price of the bundle is just £15, representing a saving of £3.50 compared to purchasing both PDFs separately. To take advantage of this very special bundle offer, please use the PayPal button below. Please note that we endeavour to email out each PDF within an hour (usually faster) but as each order is sent out by a human rather than a machine, please allow up to 24 hours.

The Book of Fate - £12

Paul Voodini is proud to bring to the mentalist and bizarre magic communities this latest release from the exciting new talent that is Dan Dent.

The Book of Fate is a collection of easy to perform Tarot cards routines. None of the ‘methods’ used are entirely new, but the presentation and scripting make for engaging, practical ‘workers’. Three of the routines are perfect for Close-Up/ Walk-Around performances and adhere to a strict criteria of conditions: instant reset, performed in the hands (no need for a table) and goes back in the pocket it came from. The fourth routine is a Stand-Up piece (though it can be performed Close-Up) and has featured many, many times on the author’s Ghost Walk of Zurich; always to great reactions.

The Book of Fate, the main effect in the PDF, pairs a Tarot deck with a diary effect and the spectator receives a one-card reading for good measure. It does require some initial preparation (including making up a rough and smooth deck), but the results are well worth the effort. Two versions of the effect are offered; one without revealing the spectator’s chosen Tarot card before they name it and the other with. To get the most out of the routine, a basic knowledge of the Major Arcana Tarot card meanings is required. A list of each card and keywords to its meaning is included in the book.

Witch Trial* is based on the old Colour Monte or three card trick. The handling has been modified to keep the Tarot cards oriented correctly throughout the routine and the moves match the elements of the script perfectly. The plot centres around the last person to be executed for witchcraft in Europe. A link is included to a performance only video of the routine.

The Pip And The Pendulum sees a pendulum, held by a spectator, trace the elements on various minor arcana cards; think of Richard Webster’s Pendulum Power given the Tarot treatment. As a stand alone piece, it makes a great bit-of-business, teaching people how to use a pendulum. When used as a lead in to Deddy Corbuzier’s Free Will (using Tarot cards) it blends both effects into one beautifully motivated routine you will love performing. NB: Free Will is not taught in this PDF, though how to link the two effects together is explained.

Ghost Walk Tarot** is a Stand-Up routine, and more a performance piece than a magic effect; though there is some slight trickery involved. A Tarot reading for a couple in the audience offered, though it soon becomes clear that actually the performer is trying to ‘chat up’ one of the people in the relationship. Even if it isn’t your ‘cup of tea’, you’ll get a kick out of the script. The routine will translate into any language, though several of the ‘word plays’ would have to be reworked.

Paul Voodini says: "Magicians, mentalists, and bizarrists have long searched for ways of incorporating Tarot cards into their routines in a manner that is both enthralling for the spectator while mainting the integrity of the Tarot. This collection of routines and performance pieces fits that criteria perfectly!"

31 pages, 10 photos, 1 video link, 2 MB.

To purchase this PDF, please use the PayPal link below. We endeavour to dispatch all orders within an hour, however as all orders are emailed out by a human rather than a machine, please allow up to 24 hours.


* previously released as a bonus item in Paul Voodini’s Coffee Break Mentalism PDF series.
** previously featured in issue 13 of the Mystic Menagerie magazine.

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