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For the first time ever, Paul Voodini is proud to present the work of another performer. Cathy Shadows is the pseudonym of a professional esoteric entertainer, working primarily in the psychic party and psychic fair market.

This 19 page PDF outlines her favourite routines which she employs on a regular basis to amaze her clients. These routines range from ESP and telepathy through to mind-to-mind communication and tools for readings. The great thing about these routines is that there is no 'trickery' involved! These routines are devised to be presented as genuine demonstrations of the paranormal! So if you're a 'ballsy' or esoteric performer, these routines can be presented 'as is'. However if you're a more mainstream mentalist, these ideas can be used as back-stories and presentations for more trick-based performance, or can be incorporated into a mainstream mentalist show to add depth and colour.

Routines included are:
  • Billet Work Psychometry - the performer demonstrates ESP.
  • Psychometry with an Object - the performer demonstrates ESP with a borrowed object.
  • Empathic Intimacy - a demonstration of direct mind-to-mind communication, and also a method of developing intimacy.
  • Magnetic Coin - ungimmicked 'which hand?' routine.
  • 3 Good Things - a wonderful utility tool for readers. 
plus more...

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