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The Book of Doorways by Michael West. Limited time release, and includes free gift of Victorian spirit letters PDF.

The Book of Doorways is the first release into the mentalism and magic community by the gifted Michael West. Michael has taken the humble haunted key and turned it into a potent tool for unlocking the human mind. Contained within this 12 page manuscript are fully scripted routines that allow the performer, via the use of the haunted key, to allow a volunteer to achieve their dreams, to discover their destination when standing at a crossroads in life, induce a hypnotic state, to communicate with the spirits of the departed, and more!

This is a strictly limited time release, so don't delay in purchasing.

If you thought the haunted key could only be used as a magic prop that turns in the palm at a certain point in a presentation, then think again! The haunted key is Michael's signature device, and this manuscript explains how to take it far beyond the realms of a 'trick' and into the realms of 'real magic'.

Also included free with this limited time release is a PDF copy of Dale Curwin's Victorian spirit letters. The PDF copy of the spirit letters will be emailed over to you along with the Book of Doorways.

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