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Part audiobook and part podcast, listen in as Paul Voodini recites some of his most popular manuscripts! Narrated in a relaxed and conversational manner, these mp3 presentations find Paul not only reading the books but also adding insights and updates as he goes along.
There are twelve books available as mp3 files, and these come bundled together as a collection for the price of just 50. Each mp3 file is approximately one hour long (some shorter but most longer). The books included in this mp3 bundle are as follows:
The Paranormal Entertainer. Listen in as he describes how to run an evening of paranormal entertainment and seance! Areas covered include setting the right atmosphere, opening routines, how to provide readings, glass moving and/or ouija board sessions, and how to run an ungimmicked seance!
Reader of Minds. Regarded as a classic in the realms of cold reading and ungimmicked mind-reading. In fact, it would not be overstating matters to say that this book was among the first to introduce the notion of 'propless mentalism'! Using techniques garnered from the world of the medium and the psychic, Paul describes in detail how to actually read minds without the need for gimmicks, tools, or props!
It's a G-G-Ghost! Paul's very personal take on working within the seance and paranormal industry. Packed full with real world advice, Paul outlines exactly how to organise, plan, and sell evenings of paranormal entertainment, ghost walks, and seances. If you are remotely interested in working in this fascinating area, this book is a must!

Pure Q&A. Providing the listener with a full two hour show based around that classic of mentalism: Q&A. But there is a big difference! Paul Voodini's Q&A show involves no trickery, no gimmicks or gaffs, and no electronics! Learn how to run a 'genuine' Q&A show that will amaze and astound audiences! Hailed as a classic upon its release, Pure Q&A continues to be a must-own manuscript for all mentalists!

3 Invisible Keys to Wonder. This was the first in a short series of manuscripts sold under the banner of 'Coffee Break Mental Magic'. Listen as Paul recites three routines that encompass mentalism, mind magic, and the bizarre!

Affinity. One of the 'Voodini Classics', Affinity is essentially a guide to cold reading, but it ventures further and deeper into the esoteric side of this skill than any previous publication has dared to venture! In this mp3, Paul expains what affinity is and why it is so important in cold reading and mentalism.

Cathy Shadows: Doing It For Real. A ground-breaking manuscript when it first appeared, and now available as an mp3 audiobook, this was Paul's first joint release with psychic Cathy Shadows. Feats and demonstrations from the 'real' esoteric world are explained and expanded upon, enabling the mentalist to perform psychic stunts and performances 'for real'.

Eyes of the Seer. One of Paul's more 'underground' releases, as a PDF this publication was never officially released. Now available as an mp3, Paul explains the performance technique of Victorian Spiritualist Emma Meyers and explains how it can be utilised in the 21st Century. As a bonus, Paul also goes on to talk about his infamous 'Magic Wand Shop Hoax'.

A Lightning Rod to the Spirits. An unashamed journey into the world of Bizarre Magik! Here Paul recounts four routines which are centred around spooky tales to terrify your audience, and everyday objects that have become strangely possessed! 

Pet Readings 4 Mind-Readers! A fun and hugely effective way to provide readings for guests, this technique is ideal for both the experienced 'reader' and also the novice. 

Psychic Show Cancelled Due to Unforeseen Circumstances! Subtitled 'It Shouldn't Happen to a Magical Performer', Paul describes some of the humorous, strange, and downright odd things that have happened to him during his performing career. From children's parties to ghost hunts and seances, there isn't much that Paul hasn't experienced, and here he recounts them all for your amusement!

How To Be a Successful Medium. Taking techniques and methods from the world of the performing medium, Paul describes in great detail how it is possible to utilise these skills, filter out the 'talking to the dead' elements, and still provide a wonderful evening's entertainment. Paul also describes and explains how a medium is able to apparently pass on messages from 'spirit' without the aid of pre-show, stooges, or gaffs & gimmicks. Just how do successful mediums do it? All is explained here.

To purchase this 12 mp3 bundle, please use the PayPal button below. You will receive an email with links to download the mp3 files. You may download these files as many times as you wish, and onto as many devices as you wish. This email is usually sent out within an hour, but as this task is done by a human rather than a machine, please allow up to 24 hours.

NB - it is possible to purchase these mp3 files individually at a cost of 10 each. If you wish to do this, please email Paul (address top right of page) and he will send you a PayPal invoice.

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